About artist

As Anna says about herself, “I have always dreamed to create worlds …”. And the worlds are created, they are numerous and they are different as personalities of models that she inhabits them by, but they are inevitably strong and beautiful.

Sometimes it is even difficult to call all of this photography. It is always a story, narration, action, drama, farce, grotesque, game. It is a theatre in which Anna Hoffman is a photographer, an artist, a scriptwriter, a director and an operator in one person. Scenarios for photo shoots written by her with seriously worked details, decorations, light and even a soundtrack remind of the best examples of scenarios of world cinema.

High education in History of Art received at the I. Repin St. Petersburg State Academy University of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, work in interior design and experience of fashion photography allow Anna to feel free in any historical and aesthetic stylistics chosen for shooting. A fine artistic taste along with outstanding boldness and good sense of humor allow her to create a mix of style and decorative elements in the creation of her amazing, inimitable and unusual worlds.

In the works of this young photographer there is nothing that you would expect from a private photo session, there aren’t any female image or portrait, which might be called simply “beautiful” because the photos made by Anna is a genuine and true art. Images created by her are very individual, however like any really good artist, her style is already recognizable. Such recognition is amazing for the young artist. Nonetheless it shows her great and deep talent.

Gaining momentum professional success which accompanies by creative ambitions of this incredibly talented girl, her amazing ability in our commercialized society not to go on about raunch and conjuncture, brought her to the highest international level.

Radda Shchukina
Artist, art historian

Exhibitions and nomination

2010 – the first personal exhibition of Anna, as an artist, took place in Paris in the Laurent Godard Gallery.
2013 – photos from the series Ballet were acquired by the fund of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.
2014 – the title of the Best Russian Photographer (according to IPA version) and Award Nomination the International Photographer of the Year in New York. Within the exhibition IPA her works were exhibited in the FotoLoft Gallery in Moscow and Carnegie Hall in New York.
2014 – photos by Anna Hoffman were exhibited in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg within 3th Biennale of Contemporary Photography.
2015 – a personal exhibition in the restaurant Sky Lounge (Building of the Academy of Sciences) in Moscow.
2015 – the title of the finalist of Arte Laguna Prize, the one of the most prestigious international awards in Contemporary Art. The exposition at the Nappe of the Arsenale in Venice.
2015 – was awarded an Honorable Mention by the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3) in The WHITE Theme Competition.
Anna’s works are in private collections in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, as well as in Europe and America.
2016 – International Photography Awards(Russia). First prize in fine art nomination.
2016 – Participation in Glo’Art recidency, Belgium
2016 – Exhibition in Nord Art Biennale, Germany.
2016 – Exhibition in Royal College of Arts, London
2017 – Exhibition in Nord Art Biennale, Germany.
2017 – International Photography Awards (Russia). Second prize in fine art nomination.
2018 – Group exhibition «Winter». Gallery on Gogolevsky, Moscow.
2018 – Group exhibition «Salt». Salt photostudio, Saint-Petersburg.
2018 – Group exhibition «Panopticon». Zerno Gallery, Saint-Petersburg.
2019 – Membership in FEP ( Federation of European Photographers).
2019 – Participation in Glo’Art recidency, Belgium.
2019 – Group exhibition «MIFA, IPA Winners». Art Muse gallery, Saint-Petersburg.
2019 – Personal exhibition «New Land». MEGA Dybenko, Saint-Petersburg.
2019 – Finalist of “Friend-ship” Photography competition. Organized by Youmanity, London.
2019 – Group exhibition «Skin». Zerno Gallery, Saint-Petersburg.
2020 – Personal exhibition of a project ”Big City Lights”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2020 – Finalist of “Young Photographers in Russia” competition, group exhibition in Kaluga, Russia.


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Biased reality  Nadezhda Ardelian,- Fashionable Petersburg, 2013

Theatre of photography. Interview with Anna Hoffman  Anton Chernichko,- ELLE Ukraine, 28/01/2015

Photographer Anna Hoffman: “It’s terrible, what I am saying such things about my favorite city”,  Interview with Anna Hoffman  Anton Chernichko, ZAGRANITSA, 20/10/2015